Speak to customers in their language.

Let us do the hard work of translating emails.

How it works

Both you and the customer work in your local language.

The customer sends an email in Spanish

“Hola por favor me pueden ayudar….”

We translate the email into English and forward it to you

“Hello, please can you help me….”

You reply in English

“Hi there, I’m here to help…”

We forward your response in Spanish

“”Hola, estoy aquí para ayudar…”

Happy Customer

Happy you


  1. Create an alias email address @translate.email.
  2. Tell us where to forward emails to


All emails received on the alias email address are translated and forwarded to you.

All responses are translated back to the original language and forwarded on.


Manage alias and forwarding addresses from our portal.

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Why waste hours manually translating emails?